The Messer Quartet performs MBD73 in Dome of visions

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MBD73′s getting performed on the 23th of march i connection with “Dusk till Dark”, which is a hyper-sensual concert trilogy across genres. Classical music, electronic music, rock and other genres mixed in an experimental space somewhere between concert and performance.

See the light change from sunset to dark through the transparent, heated dome. Feel the difference between the greenhouse-like environment in the dome with grass and trees, and the cool spring weather outside. Or move your body and feel dome speaker effect that makes the sound to change, depending on where you are.

Messer Quartet is the first part of the audio trilogy.
Works by: MBD73 aka Carsten Bo Eriksen (DK), Daniel Wohl (US), Hugi Gudmundsson (ICE), Arvo Pärt (EST)

Doors open at 17.30 and close exactly 18.15. Saturday D.23 / 3
You can not buy tickets in advance.

DOME A temporary building – Krøyer Space, Strandgade 91, DK-1401 Copenhagen K

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