ACME – Nordic Noir – Echoes
May 7, 2019
New York City
Le Poisson Rouge

American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME) performs music by Danish artists whose work has been fostered by the mood of the north, both geographical and philosophical, including Ejnar Kanding and My Beautiful Decay 1973 (alias Carsten Bo Eriksen).

Inspired by the surroundings and the people that dwell within them, the Danish composers Ejnar Kanding and Carsten Bo Eriksen (alias My Beautiful Decay 1973) are focusing their evocative powers on the wider elements of their home region, touchingly capturing its unique spirit and affecting atmosphere in their compositions.

Carsten Bo Eriksen (artist name “My Beautiful Decay 1973”) has been commissioned by American Contemporary Music Ensemble to write a new piece for string quartet and electronics, which will be premiered at the concert. Titled “Echoes,” it revolves around the theme “lost memories and sounds.” The sounds and voices that have become a part of our identity, and never could be lost in our memories. The new piece will be accompanied by video that works as a visual counterpoint.

Composer Ejnar Kanding is internationally known for his uniquely colorful music, which unites electronic and acoustic sound in complex textures, physical energy and delicate simplicity. According to Kanding, music should not embellish, but be a realm of fantasy. Like a hall of mirrors, his music is a journey into the ambiguous Nordic dark sides. A sensuous voyage to the unknown areas of inner life.