Ensemble Mosaik (D)
August 22, 2014
4:00 pm
Nykøbing Mors
Kulturmødet Mors, Musikværket
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Experience and meet the Berlin Ensemble Mosaic, which plays Danish, German and Portuguese contemporary electroacoustic art music. What is happening right now in the Danish, German and Portuguese art music scene? The ensemble premiering a new work entitled “Pieces” by MBD73 aka Carsten Bo Eriksen, which consists of small outstretched ambiente musical mosaics that reflect their soundscapes, like a smashed mirror image of a dream.

MBD73 aka Carsten Bo Eriksen
Pieces (2014), uropførelse
Clarinet, violin, cello, piano, live electronics, live video.

Ensemble Mosaik:
Christian Vogel, klarinet, basklarinet
Roland Neffe, slagtøj
Ernst Surberg, klaver/keyboard
Chatschatur Kanajan, violin
Mathis Mayr, cello Ejnar Kanding, live electronics (Max6)

Kulturmødet Mors
Gasværksvej 60,
7900 Nykøbing Mors

Kulturmødet Mors

Ensemble Mosaik