My Beautiful Decay 1973 My Beautiful Decay 1973

Private: Worklist

Complete Worklist – Compositions

Orchestral music

(inspirered by the castle Monserrate, in Portugal, Sintra)  for large orchestra. 3 movements.  (written for the Copenhagen Philharmonics, 1998/99) (revised 1999/2000, performed many times)


for Orchestra (2001/2002, rev. 2003) (performed by the South Jutland Symphony Orchestra)


Chamber music


Deep Blue Dreams (1994)


String Quartet no.1
vln.1.vln.2.vla.vlc. (1995)


String Quartet no.2
vln.1.vln.2.vla.vlc. (2013) 3 movements: 1. Silent Ballet 2. Eden 3. …as we fall through the sky


Green Moments
cl.fg.perc. (1995,rev 97)


I Farvernes Univers
(Music for Children) 12 flute players and 1 bass flute. (1996)


Chinese Garden
vln.vla.vlc.pno.(tamtam) (1996)


The Magic Dream
(bestilling fra musica nova) mezz,sopran.vln.pno.vibr.perc. (1996/97)


Til en veninde
(Written on a poem by Emil Aagestrup) Choir arcapella. (1997)


Soft Ice
Female voice and piano (1997)


The black smell of ritual candles – blown out
fl,cl,fg,tr,arpa,pno,vln,vla,vlc (1998) (written to the Danish Chamber Players)
Icon of red tears – unattacked
Vln, pno (1998) (inspirered by a castle in Portugal, Monserrate)


In the picture…
cl,vln,vlc,pno and electronics (1999), 5 ”climates” (written for the ensemble Nordlys and released on CD on the label DaCapo) Visit DaCapo Records


Azulejos of the half moon
for pno,vln,vlc (2000) (first performance on Suså festivalen) (Released on CD on the label DaCapo) Visit DaCapo Records 


cl,vln,vlc,pno (2001), first performance by Nordlys in the Queens Hall in “Diamanten”)


Solen danser vals
vln,fl, 4 hands piano (2002) (written to the publishing house Samfundet. Written for Children.


Dancing Shadows
cl,vln,vlc,pno (2002)
Sunday Afternoon
cl,vln,vlc,pno (2002)
Weightless Dreams – Shaded Sky
cl,vln,vlc,pno (2002)
cl,vln,vlc,pno (2003)
Reincarnating Beethoven
cl,vln,vlc,pno (2003)
cl,vln,vlc,pno (2003)
cl,vln,vlc,pno (2003)


Song Without a tongue?
Flute and guitar (2003) (written to Duo Takemitsu)
Fl,kl,vln,vlc,gui,perc,pno, elec (2005) (written to Ensemble 2000)
Electro-acoustic for 8 speakers and organ (2004/2005) (written to ”Vor Frue Kirke” the Cathedral of Copenhagen, in connecting with Easter)
What are you hiding ?
a suite of 10 pieces and video projection pieces. El-guitar, cello and elec (2006/2007) (written to ”Vor Frue Kirke” the Cathedral of Copenhagen and Mariendals Church, Frederiksberg.)
Sax,kl,tr,trb,perc,elec,pno,vio,vlc,cb (2008) (written to Copenhagen Art Ensemble)
Sea Changes
Sax,kl,tr,trb,perc,elec,pno,vio,vlc,cb (2008) (written to Copenhagen Art Ensemble)
Pablo Picasso
Sax,kl,tr,trb,perc,elec,pno,vio,vlc,cb (2008) (written to Copenhagen Art Ensemble)
Beyond Reason
harp,vla,bcl,cb (2009/2010) (written to Ensemble Ars Nova)
Songs Without Words
8 Chapters) for string quartet and electronics (2010) (written to Messerkvartetten, Louisiana Modern Museum of Art)
Dark Eyes (turn black)
string quartet and electronics (2010) (written to Messerkvartetten, The National Gallery of Denmark)

Memory Pieces
(3 movements; Drifting, Touch, Fragile) string quartet and electronics (2010) (written to Messerkvartetten)


Små Bagateller for fløjte
fl. (1995)
Små Bagateller for fagot
fg. (1995)
The Expected/Unexpected
pno. (1995/96)
(Partly graphical score) pno (1997)
The Clearest Water
Flute and Tape (2005) Electro-acoustic/electronica and installationwork
cello and electronics (2010) (written to Toke Møldrup in connection with the Bjørn Nørgård exhibition at the National Gallery of Denmark)


The Temple of the Sun
(Written to the sound-gallery TUSK, Speakers under the central square in Copenhagen “Rådhuspladsen”) Electro-acoustic (1996)


Train in your Brain
Electro-acoustic (1997)


Pyramids in Space
Electro-acoustic (1997)


Veni, Vidi, Vici – Test
Electro-acoustic (1998)


Graphical Atmospheres
Written for the experimental ensemble Alarm 112 (acoustic and electronical, featuring video (2000) on Av-art festivalen)


More than 20 songs with my former band Melonheads (see add. sheet) From 2002 to 2005 10 songs with my former band New Paragraphs From 2005 to 2006 Other songs:

Web content

Sounddesign for the School of Journalism in Århus’ website about Insomnia Sound design and recordings (2006) 2nd prize world press photo – Holland ?best journalism on the internet.

Music for film and documentaries

Denmarks funniest man (movie by filmdirector Mads Kamp Thulstrup)) Sounddesign and credits (2004) In Between (music written for the movie ”language is the house we live in” by the artist Jesper Fabricius) vln,vlc,pno (2002) Cold Paradise (movie by filmdirector John Tranholm) vln.vlc.pno.electro-acoustic (1996) Face the Climate (prize winning documentary 2010) mixed electronic and acoustic recordings.