New album "Everything is Lost" is out

"Everything is Lost" is the title of the new album by My Beautiful Decay 1973 featuring Trio Ismena. It is derived from a quote by Alberto Giacometti and inspired by the profound existential dialogues between Giacometti and the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. This album delves into the transformative journey through life, where new understanding emerges as a result of change. In moments of apparent loss, we discover new layers of our existence and create something new out of what seems to be lost.

The focus track, "Walking Woman," draws inspiration from Giacometti's iconic sculpture, "Walking Woman 1." The woman in motion becomes a symbol of the constant quest for meaning and identity in a world marked by endless possibilities and choices. Each instrument represents a facet of the individual's experience, with the piano symbolizing determination, the cello embodying the depth of reflection, and the violin expressing the freedom of movement.

“The more you fail, the more you succeed. It is only when everything is lost and — instead of giving up — you go on, that you experience the momentary prospect of some slight progress. Suddenly you have the feeling — be it an illusion or not — that something new has opened up.”  Alberto Giacometti

Listen here:

Also watch the musicvideo to the track “Walking Woman” from the album here on Youtube:

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