Opus 40 for piano is released with a new music video 

So my new piano piece Opus 40 is released, featuring a little music video.

I'm performing the piano part. There's so much shit happening in the world and we need to feel safe, loved and appreciate that we are here, be graceful.

“I lie safely next to you and feel your warmth. We are here now, that’s what matters!”

Listening Link:

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Upcoming release - String Quartet No.4 - Blood & Passion 

Friday the 3rd of march my EP, String Quartet No.4 - Blood & Passion with the amazing Rudersdal Kammersolister will be released. The piece has 3 movements. 1. Floating in the Galaxy, 2. Es muss sein!, 3. Last movement. Looking forward to present it to you! Pre-save link:

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"I Watch You Sleep" is on the classical hitlist on Amazon 

I'm so very proud that my single "I Watch You Sleep" featuring Messiaen Quartet Copenhagen is featured on so many playlists around the world, and on the hitlist Amazon Daily Classical reaching number #184 in Spain and #208 in United Kingdom (106 days) among others and Amazon Daily Workout reaching number #43 in France #71 (108 days) in United States #63 in Japan among others.

Listening link: 

Watch the musicvideo here on Youtube.

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"Conversations" for American Contemporary Music Ensemble at The Met in New York 

I am thrilled to announce that I am currently composing for my upcoming album "Conversations," which will feature string quartet, electronics, and piano. I will be recording with the American Contemporary Music Ensemble at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn and will also be performing in concert in New York at The Met. 

For this album, I am drawing inspiration from drawings and paintings from the golden age and using various processes to transform them into contemporary works of art. I will be sharing parts of the creative process on social media, including Youtube and Facebook Watch, under the theme "150 Days - Conversations." Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project! 

I would like to extend my gratitude to AFSMK, Augustinus, Koda Kultur, and the Statens Kunstfond for their support of this project.

Link to ACME: 

Link to The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, New York: 

Link to The Met, New York City: 

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solo piano project “Solo + Winter” in the making 

Today I’ll begin recording my next solo piano project “Solo + Winter” Like my recently released piano project “Solo” it has the same dogma: 10 days, 10 piano pieces, no preparation, improvised and recorded in one take, no editing. Release in January 2024! So very excited how it will turn out below is the cover and moodboard for my inspiration! 

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The single "Femme" is on the Amazon Daily Hitlist in the US and Canada  

I'm so proud that my single "Femme" featuring Trio Ismena has been featured on the hitlist in the US on Amazon Music. Amazon Daily Classical 70 days with peak position 194 and 42 days in Canada with peak position 191 

Listen here: 

Also you can watch the musicvideo to the single "Femme" here:

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Camarata Deia  

Deia International Music Festival on Mallorca in Spain, commissioned a new piece for piano quartet I 2019, then the corona destroyed the first performance of the new piece "Deia" by Camarata Deia at the palace Son Marroig in 2020. In 2021 the piece had it's first premiere at the festival. On the 5th of November Camarata Deia will perform it at Steinway Artist Room in Copenhagen. I can't wait to hear them perform it.

Photo of the palace Son Marroig