MBD73 selected as festival composer for the Rudersdal Summer Concerts 

I am delighted to have been selected as one of the festival composers for the Rudersdal Sommerkoncerter (Rudersdal Summer Concerts) this year. You will be able to hear a number of my works on the following dates:
August 10th: Trio Legend performing my piano trio "Ulysses"
August 15th: Rudersdal Chamber Soloists performing my String Quartet No.4
August 17th: Polina Fradkina performing my piano suite "Simple Things"
August 20th: Premiere of a new electroacoustic quadraphonic piece at Holte Church, as part of a concert with organist Flemming Dreisig

The new single Fragile featuring ACME out now 

My new single “Fragile” featuring ACME: American Contemporary Music Ensemble is out now on your favourite streamingplatform. Listen here:
“Being fragile also reminds us of our humanity, our imperfections, and our need for one another. It allows us to find strength in vulnerability, to learn from our mistakes and failures, and to grow and evolve as individuals”.

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Interview on DR P2 Værkstedet 

If you didn't get a chance to listen to the Danish National Radio P2 program "Værkstedet" with psychology professor Lene Tanggaard, where she talks with me about my drive and inspiration for creating my music and art, you can listen to it "on demand" on the DR website or podcast app. 🎵🎶❤️🎧 (the interview is in danish)


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ACME performs MBD73 at The Met in NYC 

Thank you so much for the great worldpremiere performance of my suite "Conversations" performed by ACME: American Contemporary Music Ensemble at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. You are truly wonderful musicians And thank you to American Friends of SMK and Hanne Støvring for the invitation and collaboration. A thank you to The Met Arts Live for your great work in setting up the concert and providing sound. Thank you to EARUNIT and a thank you to Christina Jensen from Jensen Artist for the collaboration along the way. A big thank you for financial support from Koda Kultur, the Danish Arts Foundation, and the Augustinus Foundation. Thank you to the composers Ejnar Kanding and Josefine Opsahl for your fine contributions of new works that were also premiered at the concert. And a thank you to all The Met's Patrons members and audience who came to the concert and for the fantastic response and reception 🎶🎵❤️

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Beyond the Light // Conversations // American Contemporary Music Ensemble 

The new single “Love Letter” for piano and electronics is out, and the focus track: "Lost Road" on the new album “Beyond the Light”  will be released on the 14th of April 2023. Same day where American Contemporary Music Ensemble performs the new suite “Conversations” for string quartet and electronics at a concert at The Met in New York.

Read more about the new releases and work here:

Beyond the Light is for piano and electronics. I'm on keys! 

Listening link to the single “Love Letter":

Listening link to the album “Beyond the Light”:

Here you can watch the musicvideo for the focustrack: Lost Road

Lost Road will also be performed as a version for string quartet and electronics by American Contemporary Music Ensemble on the concert at The Met on the 14th of April 2023.

Opus 40 for piano is released with a new music video 

So my new piano piece Opus 40 is released, featuring a little music video.

I'm performing the piano part. There's so much shit happening in the world and we need to feel safe, loved and appreciate that we are here, be graceful.

“I lie safely next to you and feel your warmth. We are here now, that’s what matters!”

Listening Link:

© 2023 Cosmopol Music Group

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Upcoming release - String Quartet No.4 - Blood & Passion 

Friday the 3rd of march my EP, String Quartet No.4 - Blood & Passion with the amazing Rudersdal Kammersolister will be released. The piece has 3 movements. 1. Floating in the Galaxy, 2. Es muss sein!, 3. Last movement. Looking forward to present it to you! Pre-save link:

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"I Watch You Sleep" is on the classical hitlist on Amazon 

I'm so very proud that my single "I Watch You Sleep" featuring Messiaen Quartet Copenhagen is featured on so many playlists around the world, and on the hitlist Amazon Daily Classical reaching number #184 in Spain and #208 in United Kingdom (106 days) among others and Amazon Daily Workout reaching number #43 in France #71 (108 days) in United States #63 in Japan among others.

Listening link: 

Watch the musicvideo here on Youtube.

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