ACME performs MBD73 at The Met in NYC

Thank you so much for the great worldpremiere performance of my suite "Conversations" performed by ACME: American Contemporary Music Ensemble at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. You are truly wonderful musicians And thank you to American Friends of SMK and Hanne Støvring for the invitation and collaboration. A thank you to The Met Arts Live for your great work in setting up the concert and providing sound. Thank you to EARUNIT and a thank you to Christina Jensen from Jensen Artist for the collaboration along the way. A big thank you for financial support from Koda Kultur, the Danish Arts Foundation, and the Augustinus Foundation. Thank you to the composers Ejnar Kanding and Josefine Opsahl for your fine contributions of new works that were also premiered at the concert. And a thank you to all The Met's Patrons members and audience who came to the concert and for the fantastic response and reception 🎶🎵❤️

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